Osteological Consultant:

May – August 2016: Preliminary analysis of skeletal remains from the Medieval Ten Duinen Abbey museum, Koksijde, Belgium. 


May 2016: Assessment of Medieval skeletal material from Aalst, Belgium. In assignment for Solva. 


November 2015: Excavation with the Free University Brussels at the Groenendaal Priory, a Medieval site, Belgium. 


Lab Demonstrator: Introduction to the Normal Human Skeleton (2012 and 2013) 

A Master of Science class at Durham University, UK. Every week I prepared the lab classes and during the labs provided technical and educational support to the students.


Teacher on the Student Archaeology Workshops (2012-2013)

A weekly workshop for the bachelor students. These workshops aimed to make archaeological theory and methodology accessible for students. The normal lecture format was not employed, but rather a practical teaching method was used.


Teacher on the Archaeology Postgraduate Learning Enhancement Workshop (2012).

A weekly workshop for master students where doctoral students presented their research. 


Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Boston Language Institute, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (November-December 2008)

I taught English to adult ESL (English as a Second Language) students, from beginners to advanced. I created and implemented lesson plans with original material. I also observed my colleagues and received feedback after every class. The course consisted of 120 hours. 

Public Outreach:

6th-8th April 2013: Human Beings Past and Present: Supporting Student Applications to Archaeology and Anthropology (Conferentie boor leerkrachten). Over the three days I promoted the subject of archaeology and Durham University to the teachers who were participating in the conference.


2012 & 2011 November: Celebrate Science (Wetenschapsbeurs), Durham University, Durham, UK. The event was to introduce the public to the work of biological archaeologists. I demonstrated animal and human skeletal material and made the drawings for the hand-out.


2012: Skeleton Science Exhibition (Museum tentoonstelling). Old Fulling Mill Museum, Durham, UK. I volunteered during the exhibition to guide people around and introduce the activities. Also to answer any questions that might be asked.

Excavations and Internships:

2009 September-October: Ecomuseu Cap de Cavalleria. Santa Teresa – Menorca.

The excavation of a cluster of Roman tombs belonging to a cemetery located on the outskirts of the Roman city of Sanisera. Participated in the excavation of tombs and the analysis of skeletal remains in the laboratory.    

Coordinators: Lana Johnson and Fernando Contreras.


2009 Juli: Nerviërsstraat, Asse - Belgïe.

Excavation of a terrain that used to belong to the northeastern border of the Roman settlement. Assisted in digging trenches, drawing profiles and ground plans, making height measurements on the site.

Coordinators: Professor dr. M. Lodewijckx and Kristine Magerman and Nele Eggermont (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)


2007 Augustus: Kourion Museum, Kourion, Cyrus

PRAXIS: Practical Training Cypriot ceramics. Kourion Museum (Cyprus). Semi-automatic drawing with the aid of profilograph, analysis of ceramics, input of information into the database.

Coordinator: A. Jacobs and Professor dr. K. Nys (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) 


2007 February – March: Koninklijk Belgisch institute boor Natuurwetenschappen en Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika, België. 

Metrical analysis of skulls belonging to Papio anubis and Papio hamadryas. Gathering of data for dissertation research.

Coordinator: Professor dr. W. Van Neer (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)


2006 Februari – Maart: Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis, België.

Internship for the course Museum Studies in order to explore the field of museum research. I participated in the restoration of a mosaic, designed a ground plan for an exhibition, did preliminary research for the procurement of funding for an upcoming exhibition and researched the background of several museum artefacts.

Coordinators: Professor dr. K. Nys and Professor dr. E. Gubel (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


2005 April: Hopmarkt, Aalst (België).

Introduction to excavation techniques used in the field, planning trenches, drawing profiles and ground plans, doing height measurements, registration of finds.

Coordinators: Professor dr. Verhaege en Professor dr. Tys (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


2004 Augustus: Tienen, België.

Postexcavation analysis of artefacts found during the excavation of the Roman tumulus Grijpenveld.

Coordinator: dr. Marleen Martens